• carbon carbon composite insulation barrel Carbon carbon | C/C composite insulation barrel / pipe / tube

    Our company can supply carbon composite | C/C insulation barrels, pipes, tubes with stable and reliable quality. We can produce all kinds of insulating barrel, insulating blankets, C/C Heater /heating elements with 2D, 2.5D, 3D structures.

  • carbon carbon screws studs Carbon composite | C/C screws and studs

    Our company can supply carbon composite | C/C screws and studs with stable and reliable quality. We can produce all kinds of cfc bolts and nuts /screws /studs. Normally With material: 2.5D, 1.7g/cm3. For other material, as per customers’ requests. 2.5D, 1.7-1.9g/cm3; 3D, 1.7-1.9g/cm3; 4D 1.7-1.9g/cm3.

  • thermal field carbon composite Thermal field carbon composite | C/C composite parts

    We produce all the carbon composite parts/components of thermal field, with stable and reliable quality. Thermal field including crystal pulling and polysilicon ingot furnace thermal system. Parts including: C/C upper cover plates, cfc guide shell, cfc crucible, cfc heat shield, cfc heater and cfc fasteners(cfc bolts and nuts)

  • carbon composite brake pair Carbon-carbon | C/C composite airplane brake /brake disc

    We can produce C/C composite airplane brake disk and plates with stable quality. Our products have been used successfully for many years in the civil aviation aircrafts, quality is stable. .We have CAAC standard in China. We have supplied to Airbus, Boeing airlines in China.

  • C-C racing brake disc Carbon composite | C/C racing brake disc

    Our company can supply carbon-carbon and carbon-ceramic composite racing brake disc with stable and reliable quality. Normally the C/C brakes with 2.5D structure, density: 1.6-1.8g/cm3; 3D: 1.5-1.85g/cm3. Other as per customers’ requests or coming sample.