• PAN based graphite felt PAN based graphite felt

    We can supply PAN based graphite felt with stable and reliable quality. It is the superior heat insulation material in poly silicon and mono crystal silicon furnace, and it can also be used as the corrosion resisting filtering material.

  • rayon based graphite felt Rayon based graphite felt

    Our company can supply rayon based graphite felt with stable and reliable quality. Processing temperature of rayon graphite felt: 1800C, 2200C and 2600C. Rayon graphite felt is more clean, no harm to the human body, but more expensive than Pan graphite felt.

  • insulation graphite felt Graphite insulation felt

    Our company can supply graphite insulation felt with stable and reliable quality.There are 3types of insulation graphite felt based on the raw materials: Pan based graphite felt; Rayon based graphite felt; Petroleum coke graphite felt. There are soft graphite felt and rigid graphite felt.