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Carbon/Carbon (C/C) is a lightweight, high-strength composite material capable of withstanding temperatures over 3000degrees; C in many environments. Our use the strength and modulus of carbon fibers to reinforce a carbon matrix to resist the rigors of extreme environments. Using our specialty weaving techniques, adopting LPI or CVI methods according to your requirements, composite structures can be tailored to meet varied physical and thermal requirements through weaving architecture design and unique production methods selected.

Our process expertise covers the entire range of carbon composites and extends from carbon fibers, woven fabrics and prepregs to Carbon/Carbon products and solutions in (C/SiC).

At one-tenth the density, C/C offers a high performance, cost effective alternative to refractory metals. Aerospace components commonly fabricated from C/C include nozzle throats and exit cones, nosetips/leading edges and thermal protection systems. Reliable performance is the most critical requirement of these components. HTMA C/C Composites have demonstrated reliability and reduced systems costs, especially when multiple components in an assembly can be replaced with a one piece C/C design.

Commercial applications of Carbon/Carbon materials include furnace fixturing, heatshields, load plates, heating elements and X-ray targets.

Please contact our engineering staff to discuss how we might assist you in tailoring Carbon/Carbon solutions for your specific applications.

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