Graphite bearing due to its self lubrication, high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, so it can meet the strong corrosive, inflammable, explosive and radioactive medium sealing requirements. Effectively solve the problem of “run, run, drip, leak” in chemical equipment, and have good effect on improving working conditions, improving product quality and productivity. This kind of products are widely used in a variety of pumps and mechanical stirring, high temperature and high pressure dyeing machine, compressor, chemical reaction kettle mechanical seal assembly of sealing ring, oxygen making machine, piston ring blower, motor shielding, Bush and submersible motor and a variety of instruments with graphite bearing, gas pumps, vacuum pumps, gas compressors, printing machine composite air pump device of rotary; chemical equipment safety blasting membrane plate; cigarette equipment in a gas distribution plate, the arc block and so on.