The production of graphite boat in our company was all use of the high pure graphite material. In rare earth smelting, electric light source, chemical, medical equipment, metallurgical machinery, smelting equipment, petroleum, aerospace, electronics, papermaking, welding materials, such as a very widely used, especially has a very good reputation in each big University School of materials science and engineering, in the course of the experiment.

Graphite boat is Mainly used in a variety of vacuum resistance furnace, induction furnace, sintering furnace, a brazing furnace, ion nitriding furnace, tantalum and niobium smelting furnace, vacuum quenching furnace need graphite plate, graphite boat dish, graphite tubular heating body, conductive rod, graphite grate plate, graphite bolts, nuts, graphite bracket, graphite mold.

Products using high-quality raw materials and high-tech combination of formula, has the advantages of high temperature resistance, refractoriness strong, fast heat transfer, high mechanical strength, antioxidant, thermal shock resistance, high density, corrosion resistance, low apparent porosity, stable chemical property, good conductive performance, handsome in appearance, durable wait for an advantage, the quality is stable and reliable, has been sold briskly, while supporting the production of graphite crucible graphite plate, cover graphite, graphite tube, graphite products such as mats and according to the requirements of production customers special graphite products.