Graphite casting cold enables the barrel internal and external cooling as soon as possible at the same time. Due to the large thermal conductivity of graphite cold iron, heat absorption in a short period of time. It not only solves the casting hot spot loose texture, the shrinkage, the casting microstructure is fine pearlite is above 95%, the total grain number up to 450 – 13750px, casting hardness can be increased by 20 – 50HB and improve the casting surface roughness and wear resistance.

Graphite cold iron is easy operation. Due to the small proportion of graphite chills, it is about about 1 / 5 of the cold metal iron, handling light, turning box sand mould (core) is not easy to drop off.

Graphite cold iron could reuse, low cost. Because the graphite chill resistance up to 2000 degrees Celsius, high temperature performance, is not easy to oxidize. Not only avoid the white produce castings (cementite) casting defects and porosity. The cold iron material surface is not easy to scorch, oxidation, cracking, using life than cast iron and other metal material cold iron’s service life is 10 times. If the surface is damaged, it can be repaired after repeated use, so the cost is low.