Operating technique when using graphite rotor

Preheating: graphite rotor in front of the immersed in liquid aluminum, about 100mm above the level at preheating 5min~10min, anxious to avoid cold effect of material; rotor immersed in the fluid must pass into the gas; rotor in the present level to stop gas supply, to prevent rotor nozzle of the vent plug.

Air Isolated: in the chamber of the chamber through the nitrogen or argon, to ensure that the box room for positive pressure, the separation of foreign air, to prevent the oxidation of graphite rotor.

Immersion depth of rotor: graphite rotor immersed in molten aluminum reasonable depth to strengthen the set of aluminum surface about 80mm, immersion liquid level below about 60mm exposed. Only in this way can effectively increase the rotor antioxidant depletion and erosion of the time.

drive smoothness: graphite rotor and drive system is through a connecting rod (pipe) connection, connecting rod for a long time under the high temperature deformation occurred, or transmission related equipment parts loosening will affect the rotor of neutral and running smoothly, easy to make Shi Mozhuan broken or bump damage.

Argon or nitrogen to pure: if the pipes, joints and other parts of the leakage caused by pass into the aluminum melt of argon or nitrogen gas purity, the upper part of the rotor severe oxidation, even at the lower part of the rotor jet hole is also oxidized, it will greatly shorten the service life of the rotor.