with 1500W/Mk
Product Detailpyrolytic graphite sheet
Basic Info
Model NO.:QTS0025

Application:Insulators, Insulating Varnish

Type:Insulation Film

Chemistry:Organic Insulation

Material:Graphite and Pi Film

Thermal Rating:250 250

Maximum Voltage:<10KV

Classification:Hybrid Insulation Materials


Color:Dark Grey



Package:Packed in Carton



Product Description
Synthetic graphite flake is using polyamide membrane sintering into the
new diaphragm material, with high thermal conductivity and excellent
product design flexibility.
QTS series synthetic graphite flake feature:

1.High heat transfer efficiency:
The thermal conductivity 800-1500w/mk(highest specification series
thermal conductivity is 5 times that of copper,which is 8.3 times that of aluminum)
2.Easy processing:
A flexible diaphragm,easy cutting and processing into any shape and can be repeated bending
3.Lightweight density:
1.6-2.1g/cm3(About 1/3 of the aluminum and equivalent to 1/5-1/4 of the copper)
4.Low resistant
Can be used for electromagnetic shielding.
Main usage:

1.Power conversion,power supply equipment and the surrounding
2.Large communications equipment and peripheral equipment;
3.Computers,tablet computers,smart phone,smart terminal,high-power
LED applications;
4.PV power generation equipment and peripherals;
5.Other special industries.

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