Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Trademark:htma
  • Specification:ISO9002
  • Origin: China

Product Description

The material is formed by inteerating graphite paper, carbon felt and carbon cloth, and then qubjecping then to secondary high temperature purification treatment. The material is superior in ablation resistance performance, thermal shock resistance performance, airflow washing proof performance and thermal insulation performance. It is mainly used for vacuum high pressure air quenching furnace, low pressure fritting furnace, pressurization vacuum sintering furnace etc.

Materials PAN-CF
Bulk Density: 0.22~0.25g/cm3
Carbon: ≥98%
Thermal Conductivity(1, 150oC): 0.20~0.30 W/mk
Resistivity: 55-60Ωmm2/m
Bolding Strenght: 1.8~3.6 MPa
Flexure Strength: 2.0~3.5 MPa
Ash PPm ≤200
Processe Temp: 1, 800oC
Length: 1, 500; 1, 800 mm
Width: 1, 000; 1, 300 mm
Thickness: 20~400mm
Working temperature under vacuum or inert gas: ≥1, 800, ≥3, 200 degrees

We can supply you:

1. (Pan and Rayon)
2. board
4. Graphite felt cylinder (tube)
5. Graphite Cord (rope)
6. Carbon Cloth (fabric)

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