The main characteristics of for semiconductor and photovoltaic industry are as follows:

(1) density

Theory of graphite crystal is 2.26 g/cm3 density, the density of artificial graphite is usually between 1.5 1.9 g/cm3, solid pyrolytic carbon density of 2.1 g/cm3, the value of the density of pure graphite its mass divided by volume (containing all of the air hole) of the proceeds of the business.

(2) mechanical strength

Artificial graphite is different from most other materials, its tensile, flexural and compressive strength will increase with the rising of temperature, when up to 2200 k, the intensity will decline. At 2200 k, the intensity of the graphite value is twice as tall as than at room temperature.

Commonly used in semiconductor, pv industry graphite material compressive strength of 90-90 mpa; The flexural strength of 40-65 mpa.

(3) the electrical conductivity

Different with other metals, a negative temperature coefficient of resistance of graphite. The conductivity of graphite. Close to absolute zero, only have a few free electrons, itself can act as an insulator, as temperatures rise, the conductivity increases. Many metals is higher, the conductivity of graphite and with the increase of the temperature decrease. The thermal conductivity of the graphite as the graphitization degree varies.

(4) thermal dilatability

The thermal expansion coefficient of graphite in 3 x 10-6 k – 1 level arrangement, is only about a quarter of iron. Different grades of graphite to its thermal expansion coefficient values will change, also with graphite material anisotropy and temperature.

(5) the specific heat

Graphite heat changes in temperature range 500 k to 1500 k is bigger, it increased with the temperature, also has a larger increase. And different type of graphite, its specific heat change is very small.

(6) temperature resistance

Graphite won’t melt, but when the temperature of 3900 k can heat resistance to 750 k. Graphite has good thermal shock resistance, so rapid heating or cooling, graphite will not have a problem.

(7) machinability

Graphite is easy to processing, the edge strength and wearability. Complicated structure, strict tolerance of parts are available through the finish. Graphite has good resistance to invasive, it will not be most molten glass or metal infiltration.

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