• graphite bipolar plate Graphite bipolar plates

    We can produce all types /shapes of graphite bipolar plates with with stable and reliable quality. The bipolar graphite plates are main used for fuel cell. Our products is with low prices, high quality, and big volume production. Our Products were sold throughout the country and all over the world.

  • CNC machining graphite part CNC machining graphite parts

    Our company can supply the CNC machining graphite parts / products with stable and reliable quality. Graphite parts is widely used in the automotive, aerospace, semiconductor, chemical, metallurgical, nuclear and electronics industries.

  • electric brush Carbon brush | Electric brush

    Carbon brush (graphite brush) also known as electric brush, it is a sliding contact, and its widely used in many electrical equipment. Due to different application, the carbon brush materials is divided into four grades: impregnated graphite, pure graphite, metal (copper, silver) graphite and electric graphite.